Spa Date With My Daughter

I love hanging out with my daughter. The two of us can spend an entire day with each other without a dull moment. On Sunday we went shopping at the mall and decided that it would be fun to get pedicures at this beautiful nail spa called L’mour. It’s such a pretty place and they have so many different pedicures to choose from.  Téa got the Bubble-Licious pedi- it came with a fizzy bubble-gum soak and a sugar massage.  I got the Pomegranate Berry Pedi- crushed pomegranate and blueberry scrub and a pomegranate smoothie creme wrap.  Everything smells soooo delicious in there. photo 2BeFunky_nails1.jpg photo 1 photo 4 photo 3 photophoto 5

Naked Mail

Don’t you love receiving make-up orders in the mail?! I’m usually too impatient to wait, but if there’s a really good sale going on then I’ll order online. It’s very rare that here in Hawaii we get free shipping from overseas, so when I saw that I could get online sale items with the free shipping on Urban Decay I went for it. Here’s what I got…


500 Days to MGDS (#MDG4) It’s day 496


I am so happy to be able to be a part of this!  As a mother you cannot help but to look at a situation in which children are living in extreme poverty and want to help.  Every child is deserving of the opportunity to flourish and live out their dreams.  Thankfully, many of our world leaders agree: 14 years ago they adopted a series of goals now known as the United Nations Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). This ambitious initiative included commitments to cut poverty by half, get every child into school, and dramatically reduce child and maternal deaths by 2015. Recent data has shown a significant drop—millions fewer—in the number of people living in extreme poverty than a generation ago, and that most children are completing a primary education. Please visit the MDG 500 website for more information.


Here are some facts  that I’d like to share with you before continuing:

• Each day an estimated 800 mothers and 18,000 young children die from largely preventable causes.
• In the time left to the MDG target we need to accelerate progress toward achieving MDG 4.
• More than 1 million babies die on their first and only day of life across the world, and 2.9 million in their first month.

• The newborn crisis is much bigger than we may think, with a staggering 1.2 million stillbirths occurring during childbirth

• More than half of these maternal and under-fives deaths take place in locations beset by a high risk of conflict and/or natural disasters.
• 40 million women give birth without any skilled help – that’s more than 100,000 women every day. Even more dramatically, 2 million women a year are entirely alone when giving birth.
• Investing in mothers works. Maternal deaths and child mortality in the most challenging countries of the world are being dramatically cut when efforts are made to improve services for mothers and children.
• Preventable: We can stop this. Many of these deaths are preventable if the mother-to-be had a trained midwife to help them give birth safely

• Equality: Newborn mortality rates can only be reduced through fairer distribution of essential health services and through universal healthcare access; this means making these more available to the poorest and most marginalised families, as well as to communities living in rural areas


It’s heartbreaking to know that there are so many woman and children fighting to survive and that so many deaths could be prevented with just the right healthcare.  Well, August 18 marked the 500 day starting point to meet MDG targets by showing the progress made in each country and also build a sense of urgency around the political action needed to meet MDG4 targets.  The UNGA meetings in September where it will highlighted- the urgent need for more trained and skilled health workers critical to saving newborns and mothers as well as the Race for Survival in October with its theme of the “hardest to reach” highlighting the tough living conditions many children face and the lack of access to quality care.  Let’s spread the word and bring awareness so that we can get these mothers and children the quality care that they need.



Yummy Treat

I stopped by Honolulu Coffee company to indulge in a sweet treat!  It was soooo worth it!  After debating between macaroons, cheesecake and other tempting treats- I finally decided on this little beauty.  It’s called a Mango Cooler- the bottom layer is a mango gelatin with mint and chunks of real mango, a layer of pound cake follows and the top layer is a creamy smooth panna cotta.  The portion size was perfect and really hit the spot.  I was even lucky enough to get a window seat overlooking Kalakaua Ave.- it’s usually always crowded and seating is limited.  It was a really nice way to spend my break. BeFunky_photo 13.jpgBeFunky_photopannaBeFunky_photo 3.jpgBeFunky_photo 10.jpg BeFunky_photo 7.jpg BeFunky_photo 6.jpg

Frozen treat at the Hot beach

I took a little walk today which sounded like a good idea until the heat started getting to me.  Luckily while walking I came up on a Yogurtland and almost sang I was so excited.  Soooo many choices- at first I was going to get the Taro flavor but with the heat I needed something a little more refreshing and tart- I ended up getting the Mango with mango boba.  YUMMY!  I walked across the street and found an empty space on a rock wall under some shade.  There was a surf meet taking place so I sat and cruised it for a while while eating my yogurt.  The time went by way too fast- before I knew it, it was time to get back to work… BOO!!!!! photo 1 photo 2photo 4 photo 3photo 5