It’s been a long work week and I am ready for the weekend. Summer is coming to an end so I really want to make the next couple of weekends exciting for the kids. Maybe we’ll go to the zoo or even the beach. Not too sure yet. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Baked Fish Recipe

This meal always takes me back to my childhood. I love that my children love this healthy dish too. The recipe can be used with any type of fish- I used Uhu, but a nice butter fish would be awesome.





Preheat oven at 350.

Clean and Scale fish

Lay fish down in foil lined baking dish

After slicing all of your ingredients add them to pan

Pour oyster sauce evenly over all ingredients (I practically use the whole bottle)

Bake for 30-45 minutes.  I like to flip my fish about 20 minutes through.








Is Chivalry Dead?

This morning I parked in the garage that I park in every morning, sat in my car for a little bit to listen to the rest of a segment on the radio that had me cracking up- I mean what’s better than starting your day off with a good laugh right? Well those couple of minutes caused a butterfly effect that got me into the following situation… As I’m walking to the elevator I hear someone behind me- he’s talking on his phone arguing with someone “I’m already late, I don’t have time to talk this bu**sh** with you right now. Stop f**king calling me!” I thought to myself ‘Oh great! I’m gonna have to get in the elevator with this guy’ No biggie, we were only on the 3rd floor. So I push the button and wait for the elevator. The light on the button is lit meaning it’s been pushed- I say this because I thought everyone knew that when the light is on ITS BEEN PUSHED, but apparently not everyone understands that because Sir Grump-A-Lot decides to step in front of me and push it again. Rolling my eyes, I step back and let him perform his magic trick. The elevator doors finally open and he steps in first… dickhead move right there being that I was there first, but whatever, he’s clearly having a bad morning so I let him be the lady at that moment. He pushes the button to go down to the 1st floor, and keeps pushing it because the doors are taking too long to close and when they do close, he still continues pushing it but now its with the side of his hand and he’s now making “grrr” noises. Holy sh*tballs, what’s this guy on? Hey idiot if you continue to hit that button do you really think it will go into hurry mode – really… To make things worse the elevator stops on the second floor. Another lady walks in (to my relief) and this a**hole says “You gotta be fu**en kidding me” And returns to assaulting the button. So two ladies and a psycho in the elevator, we finally hit the first floor, who gets out first? Yup the psycho- but only after practically running over the lady standing in front of the doors. This jerk took a great morning and had me gritting my teeth in a matter of minutes. It’s so sad that this isn’t the first time I’ve come across men who have no manners around a woman. I hope to god that my sons never act this way in front of women. I will teach them how to always be respectful in the presence of a lady! Please let chivalry not be completely dead!

Back to School Shopping

I’ve been trying to get my kids excited about going back to school. It’s been much easier with my daughter because she’s been loving the back to school shopping! My boys- being the typical boys that they are- are not fond of shopping and frankly drive me nuts at the mall, so I usually just pick out their clothes and hope they like it. With my oldest son I went into stores and picture texted him items of clothing and waited for his reply on whether he liked them or not. My daughter chose a ton of new outfits, a new backpack and all of her school supplies. I’ve probably enjoyed it more than her. I remember back to school clothes shopping being the highlight of my summer. I would literally line up all of the clothes that I would wear on the first week of school- which is exactly what my daughter has done- and constantly try them on leading up to the first day.



One thing that wasn’t so fun was their dang school supply lists. OMG! There are soooo many things that I need to buy. And now the schools want to get specific on the brand of supplies. I hate that I’m trying to budget and they put “crayola brand only” after they type of crayon or marker. Or even No. 2 pencil “Mirado brand only”! Are you kidding me! I’m literally bypassing all of the 50¢ products and having to spend $2 for the specified brand. It’s ridiculous. It also doesn’t help that my daughter sees right past the cheap folders and runs towards the glittery folders. But being a glitter lover myself I was willing to splurge on these lovely folders. photo