Happy Birthday to me!

to me!

I’m so thankful that I’ve been blessed with another year of life!  I woke up this morning to messages from friends and family wishing me a Happy Birthday, kisses and hugs from my kids, and gifts!!!!  What a way to start my day.  The crappy part is that I work allllll day- seriously like a 13 hour day ahead of me.  But it’s okay I’m going to make the best of it and focus on the positive. I’ll have lunch with a couple of girlfriends that are meeting me and I just got an alert for my FREE birthday gift from Sephora (which I’ll be taking full advantage of getting on my break!)- so there will be some excitement today.  The fun stuff will be postponed for later this week- My Dad bought me a spa gift certificate that I’ve already made an appointment to use tomorrow, followed by my sister taking me out to lunch, and Saturday night I’ll party hardy!


Some celebrities that share my birthday…

keyshia cole

Keyshia Cole

sarah ferg

Sarah Ferguson


Paige Davis from “Trading Spaces”

Events that took place on this day…


Ike and Tina Turner split up as a musical act in 1976


The Premiere of “I Love Lucy” in 1951

Social Media forces us to live like we’re being video taped

Just about everyone has a phone camera, usually in-hand, waiting for the next interesting thing to capture to share via social network. Over the last month I have seen so many videos by bystanders showing things like police brutality, domestic violence, road rage and violence between individuals in public places. Though there are advantages to being able to video tape these types of incidents for evidence- there are times when people just cross the line when it comes to privacy. For example when you pull up next to someone and notice them singing in the car next to you (which I do all the time) it’s crossing the line to video tape them and post it for everyone to see. I hope to god there are no videos of me belting to Celine Dion floating around out there… so embarrassing. I’m not the most graceful walker either- I’m constantly tripping and falling and I would hate for someone to capture that and share it. I am always telling my oldest son to really be careful about the things that he post- not just of himself but of his friends too. I also tell my kids to conduct themselves like they’re being watched, because there are people out there that could very well catch you in the act of doing something wrong or capturing something that you wouldn’t want other people seeing. It’s sad that the world has come to this- teens these days don’t think about how the things they post could cost them getting a job or even ruin their reputation. I’ve seen so many teens in videos being taped by other teens doing very inappropriate things, and it’s floating all over Youtube and other sites. Some of these kids don’t even know they’re being taped and later find themselves in situations where they become depressed and even want to take their own lives. I think that as parents the most important thing is to educate our kids on the long term consequences of posting ANYTHING on social media- and to respect the privacy of others.

10-10-bullybystander 3750f4ba490b88f8586882ec20f25c1912e382ee Taping a fight.

Happy Birthday Mom!

Yesterday we celebrated my moms birthday by taking her out for lunch and a movie.  We had lunch at Zia’s Cafe in Kaneohe (one of her favorite restaurants) before heading over to Windward Mall and watching Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day. It was so nice- it’s very rare that all 3 of my kids are able to spend time with my mom all at the same time- so it was a very special day.


Here’s a pic of me and mom when I was a baby

tomato l 2popcorn

MJ Cafe Windward Mall

I love locally owed restaurants that serve fresh healthy food.  MJ’s has been at Windward mall for a while now, but I’ve only tried it for the first time a couple of days ago.  I loved it!  They serve acai bowls, fresh salads, paninis, and health drinks.  I ordered the pesto chicken panini with a plantation iced tea.  Maui, my 15 year old son who hates healthy food, loved the sandwich.  Definitely going to try more items from this place.

BeFunky_photo 5.jpg BeFunky_photo 4.jpg BeFunky_photo 3.jpg BeFunky_photo 2.jpg BeFunky_photo 1.jpgBeFunky_photo 13.jpgBeFunky_photo 12.jpg

Old Photos of my Papa

One of my favorite things to do is look through photo albums and reminisce about the past.  I especially love looking at photos of my mom and dad when they were young- I can’t imagine what they were like before being parents.  A few weeks ago my sister and I were organizing some old photo albums and I came across these pictures of my grandfather (my mom’s dad).  Look how handsome he looks!  I loved the style back in those days.


My Nana and her boys. My Papa  is bottom right.

papa 1

My Papa as a young boy


Look at that older woman behind him is checking him out. Heehee :)

$1,000 Sundaes I will only dream of trying

Just take a look at these gorgeous sundaes. I remember going to Serendipity 3 for the first time and seeing the $1,000 sundae on the menu and wondering to myself “who in their right mind would ever spend that money on ice cream?” I was so curious to see it in real life but unfortunately no one bought one that day LOL. While browsing around for some elegant dessert ideas I came across two other “4 figure” sundaes. Click on the pic to learn more.


“Mauboussin Mega Sundae” @ Bagatelle


“The Victoria” @ Langham Hotel’s Pavilion Restaurant


“Golden Opulence Sundae” @ Serendipity 3