Friday Faves- Pumpkin Decorating Ideas

This weekend the plan is to set aside some time to do some pumpkin carving and decorating with the kids.  I really want to decorate some pumpkins to put around the house, not carved but painted or jeweled.  While browsing online and on Pinterest I found a few ideas that I really loved.

Pic via Honestly WTF


Pic via All Women Stalk


Pic via A Pumpkin and a Princess


The Next 3 pics via East Bourne Style

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Baby Items I’ve Purchased So Far

So as it turns out my sister is throwing me a Baby “Sprinkle”.  How cute is that?  Basically it’s a party where guest “sprinkle” the mom with gifts, usually necessities instead of “showering” them with the big gifts.  This is perfect because being a 4th time mom I really didn’t want a shower at all, but it’s been 7 years since I had my daughter and my sister thought there were some things that I could use to cut back expenses.  I think she wanted to make it a surprise, but after me announcing “don’t throw me a shower”  she was a little forced to tell me.  She said that she pretty much told all the guest to bring diapers.  Hahaha  that’s actually perfect!

Because I’m not expecting anyone to buy the more expensive items I’ve been slowly starting to pick things up.  So far I’ve gotten my crib (actually a play yard), stroller and diaper bag.


I prefer play yards to cribs.  They’re so much more convenient!  I went with the Graco Pack ‘n Play Playard with Reversible Napper and Changer.  With the wheels I’m able to move it from room to room and it even comes with a travel case so that I can take it with me when we go places like gram’s house or even the beach or park.  I also love that it has a little reversible napper and changer.  I am able to just flip that little cushion napper and the other side is water proof for diaper changing.


We had a hard time deciding between a stroller frame that fits various car seats or a travel system.  We settled on the travel system.  After struggling between 3 that we really liked we settled on this one.   The things we liked about it…

  1.  The 3 wheels help to maneuver smoothly.  I mean the turning radius is awesome.  It will also come come in handy when we have to go over grass during baseball season which starts literally 1 week after my due date.
  2. The height of the handle bar.  I’m 5’7″ and Kahele is 6’2″ so having a higher handle bar was really important.
  3. The fold up is so so so easy!  I hate those strollers where you have to slide a button with your thumb while pushing another button in with your 4 fingers and twisting the handle to push down to fold.  I’m sure it’s even more annoying to the person waiting for my parking space.  This one has a handle right at the seat of the stroller, you pull and the entire stroller folds up.  You do the same to open it.
  4. All the little things like the cup holders, large basket underneath and adjustable recliner for when baby gets a little bigger.


My Kalencom Disco Dots Laminated Diaper Bag!  OMG don’t you love this bag?!  I’ve wanted this bag since I first started looking at diaper bags.  They’re a little pricey but I pretty much will be using it as a purse as well, so I don’t feel bad about the splurge.  The hardest part was picking the print that I wanted, they have so many cute prints, but I ended up going with this one.  It took me so long to purchase it because they are not sold in stores so I had to order it online and like almost everything shipping is only free in the “continental” U.S.  Boo!!!!  It costs $90 for the bag and shipping to Hawaii is $35!  Crazy huh?  Luckily I found that I could order through Bed, Bath and Beyond and on their site I found the free shipping option!  So I should be receiving it any day now.  I’m so excited.

There are a few more things that I need to pick up on my own. But they’re little things that I don’t really need right now so I’ll probably grab what I need after my “Sprinkle”

Birthday Dinner at Haleiwa Joes

Last week Thursday was my birthday but I ended up having to work the entire day.  So on Friday night Kahele took me out to dinner while our kids went with my dad to a BBQ.  It was perfect.  We ended up going to Haleiwa Joes.  I love dinner dates without the kids, it gives us a chance to catch up, but ultimately most of our conversation ends up being about the kids anyway.

Dinner was so yummy!  I was craving a cocktail and was tempted to get a virgin Pina Colada, but didn’t want to spend so much on a non-alcoholic drink so I stuck to the Plantation Iced Tea while Kahele had a couple of beers.



We started off with the garlic bread and sauteed mushrooms.  Their garlic breads are one of my favorites, I order this every time I’m there.


Kahele ordered the Fishmonger soup.  This was such a hearty soup and it was pretty big for an appetizer.


I ended up getting the Salmon Spinach Salad as my entree.  This was so yummy.  I don’t know how they season the salmon but it created a nice crust with the perfectly cooked center.


Kahele had the Steamed fish.  Although he liked it, he said that he wished he’d gone with the steak instead.


One of my favorite things about Fall are Chai Lattes. Starbucks is getting a little too pricey for me so lately I’ve been buying the Tazo Chai Latte Consentrate and making my own. Seriously, $6 for 32 oz. vs. a Venti for just about the same price? Kind of a no-brainer there. The only thing that is missing is that fancy foam top that I love so much. But I’ve recently found a way to get that foam without a milk steamer! Here’s how you do it…

First you want to warm up your Chai in a mug. I just throw it in the microwave for about a minute. I like to fill my mug a little less than half way with my Chai concentrate.

Then you want to froth your milk. To do this you want to pour your milk into the jar (your measurements will depend on how much milk to chai ratio you want). Put the lid on the jar and shake it up until the milk is frothy. Now you want to remove the lid and microwave your milk (I do a minute and it’s perfect for me).
For the fun part… Hold your foam back with a spoon while adding the hot milk to your Chai. When you reach the amount of milk desired scoop the foam and add it to the top. Voila! Just as good as Starbucks! The best part is, you can add as much foam as you want!!!


Ichiriki Kaneohe

Kahele and I had another lunch date without the kids!!!  Twice in one week, that never happens.  My mom took all of the grandchildren to the mall to watch a movie so we took advantage of the opportunity to… EAT of course.  We went to Ichiriki in Kaneohe.  It was the perfect choice because everywhere else seemed so crowded.  The atmosphere was so relaxed and quiet.

We’ve never done the Nabe (hotpot) experience before so it was super fun. The day was really overcast too, which made the warm meal that much better.  Everything tasted so fresh and even though we ate til we were stuffed we didn’t feel uncomfortable at all.



I started off with the house salad, something I always do when I go to a restaurant.  This one had an Asian sesame dressing… Nice and light.

IMG_3641 IMG_3645

We also had the spicy ahi wraps and the mushroom medley as starters.  Both were die-licious.  I don’t know how they prepared this mushroom medley but it was perfect!


First we were asked to pick our broth.  We both chose the Pirikara, which is a spicy shoyu broth.  I think we could have gone a little spicier.

Next we were to choose our meals.  I chose the Ribeye Chanko and Kahele chose the Ribeye Shabu Shabu.  Kahele’s came with these amazing dipping sauces.


My meal came with a bamboo shoot full of raw pork that our waiter separated into the hot pot to form meat balls. I wasn’t really a fan of that.


Kobe Beef shabu shabu $16.95 Happy hour, normally priced at $28.95 NWPhoto



Of course we had to finish off with a sweet treat.  Kahele left the choice up to me so I happily chose the Brownie Sundae.