O Christmas Tree


I set up my Christmas tree!!!  I know it’s a little early, but I just couldn’t wait.  The holiday bug got me and I am really feeling the spirit.  So I went into the storage grabbed the tree (yes our tree is fake), my favorite ornaments (I chose to do the same ornaments as last year) and called in the kids to join in the decorating.  I think it turned out beautiful.

BeFunky_IMG_5922.jpg BeFunky_IMG_5921.jpg BeFunky_IMG_5920.jpg BeFunky_IMG_5919.jpg

Zelie’s First Baby Luau

Yesterday we celebrated my nieces first birthday.  It turned out beautifully.  The rain held up and after too long not seeing my family we were all together having a great time.  There is never a lack of laughter when we all get together.  I love my crazy family!



Birthday girl and Mommy



Zelie and Nonna



Loved the beach themed center pieces


Everyone had a great time with the photobooth


My cousin Tiana (far left) were pregnant together 15 years ago! Both our kids are taller than us :)


I love my cousins

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Perfect Xmas Present for your BFF’s


There are so many Groupon and Living Social deals for wine tastings.  Yesterday I found a great one- a 90 minute wine tasting for 2 for only $15.  I usually by a bottle of wine and a Tiffany and Co. wine glass as a gift but for a couple of dollars more a 90 minute wine tasting is a steal!  Not only do they receive that beautiful Tiffany box but also a night out with friends- what could be better?!

5 New perfumes that I want

Every Christmas season I get so excited for the perfume gift sets.  Today I tried some new scents to narrow down what I’d like to add to my collection.  Here are the top 5 that I found- each one I fell in love with, so it’s going to be difficult to just choose one.  I’ll probably just purchase one in a gift set and purchase the others in “rollerball”-  that’s how much I liked each of them.


Top Notes: sicilian bergamot, blackcurrant, red apple and orange blossom Middle Notes: wild strawberry, jasmine, tea rose, toffee and patchouli Base Notes: white cedar wood, siam benjoin, sandalwood and vanilla


Top Notes: citruses and pink pepper Middle Notes: jasmine, rose and iris Base Notes: patchouli, vetiver, amber, vanilla and musk


A bouquet of lush jasmine with accents of creamy woods.


sensual pink peony and mysterious black vanilla.


Top Notes: raw salt signature, pink pepper, black pepper, white pepper Middle Notes: oris, ambergris, solar accord Base Notes: sandalwood, musk, cashmeran

Lunch at Nordstrom Cafe

My sister and I took a little shopping trip to Ala Moana.  We ended up having lunch at Nordstrom Cafe-  it was one of the most relaxing lunches that I’ve had in a long time.  Not to mention, the food was so yummy.  We went for an early lunch so it was pretty empty in there and very quiet.  I ended up getting the mushroom ravioli with a plantation iced tea (my fave!) and my sister got a pizza.  We also shared a chinese chicken salad.  I want to make it a Friday tradition that we eat here for lunch- the only thing is that its quite a drive from home.

BeFunky_photo 20.jpg

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Black and White movie night (week 3)- Baby Take a Bow


I love Shirley Temple.  Anytime I hear a Shirley Temple song or watch one of her movies I’m transported back to my little girl self.  I remember watching her movies with my grandma and wanting to have her curly locks sooo badly.  I took ballet and tap when I was younger and performed to “Daddy take a bow”.  I’m going to introduce my daughter to all of her films- I’m sure she’ll love them.


Eddie Ellison is an ex-con who spent time in Sing-Sing prison. Kay marries him as soon as he serves his time. Five years later, Eddie and his ex-convict buddy Larry, have both gone straight, and Eddie and Kay have a beautiful little girl named Shirley. However, Welch has kept a close eye on them for years. He believes in “once a criminal, always a criminal.” Then, when Eddie’s employer’s wife’s pearls go missing, it comes out that Eddie and Larry both spent time in prison, and they’re fired. Welch suspects that Eddie and Larry have something to do with the theft of the pearls. Will Welch prove that Eddie and Larry had something to do with the theft, or will the truth prevail?

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