My top 5 Favorite discontinued fragrances

Don’t you hate when you fall in love with a fragrance and then it’s discontinued?! These fragrances below were some of my favorites and each of them I can no longer find. I’ve tried to find others that are similar to these, but have had no such luck.

^^Lanvin’s Oxygene.  Kahele bought me this fragrance when I graduated from beauty school and I absolutely loved it. The notes include iris, gardenia, sandalwood and musk.^^
^^Sheseido’s Relaxation.  I bought this fragrance years ago at Macy’s.  This is one of the prettiest scent that I’ve ever come across.  I wish that they’d bring this back! The notes included were cucumber, tea rose, peony, gardenia, cardamom and sandalwood.^^Estee-Lauder-Brasil-Dream-Womens-1.7-ounce-Eau-de-Parfum-Spray-L13326080
^^Estee Lauder Brasil Dream.  This was a beautiful explosion of floral scent. Truly and island scent that reminds me of home – Pikake lei’s, a gardenia tree at grandmas house, fresh fruits on the kitchen table everything I love about living here in Hawaii.  The notes include Guava, pineapple, orange blossoms, neroli, jasmine, lemon, bergamot and gardenia^^
^^ This was one of my favorite “fresh and fruity” scents. Perfect for a BBQ or to where to an outdoor event. I loved how it just made me feel and smell extra clean. Notes include Tuberose, Peach, Freesia, White Woods, Orris, White Hibiscus^^
^^My favorite Victoria’s Secret scent throughout high school. I am so bummed that this is discontinued it holds so many wonderful memories especially because most of my cousins also wore this. Not 100% sure of the notes included but I really wanna say sunflower, musk and maybe a little bit of citrus.^^


My weekend in Pics

Hi everyone! Happy Monday (or not so happy for those at work like me). I had a wonderful weekend- Football games, good food, some shopping and best of all… Family time! I really need to start capturing more of my weekend moments, but when you’re having fun you’re lost in the moment and forget about the camera sometimes.


^^My daughter showing her big brother how its done LOL.  Shirt off and all.^^

^^Half time^^2 3 4 5 6

Fresh Homemade Ice Cream from Henry’s7 8 9 l

^^ I’m obsessed^^photo^^I seem to be Hangry a lot^^

My friends and family say I’m… #ProjectPositive

My friends and family say I’m…. Crazy and Fun! When I’m around people I love it to be a fun time- I love making people smile and laugh. It’s not hard with my family and friends because most of them are just as crazy as I am, so whenever there’s a get together or party it’s sure to be a great time! I think that happiness and laughter truly is the key to life- if you have both in your life you are a rich person!


john lennon

I have so many ideas running through my head about what I want to do- career wise. I’m just so indecisive. I’ve been an Esthetician for over 10 years and went back to school where I’ve earned my Associates in Criminal Investigation and Bachelors in Psychology and it’s now time to move on. I can’t figure out which path to take because each one is extremely different. I’d love to work towards becoming a substance abuse counselor- I really want to help those suffering with addiction (especially youth). Then there’s helping children with learning disabilities- I actually am still employed as a skills trainer but took a leave in order to finish my degree (which I did) but I’m not sure that I want to do that permanently, even though I did get a great deal of satisfaction with the progress that I’ve seen some of my student make. Now here’s where it gets weird… I really, really want to someday own my own sweets shop! I want to have my own bakery/ candy shop. It just seems like the most fun thing in the world to me- being able to put smiles on faces every time you provide them with a yummy treat. This is the one that is on the top of my list. I just don’t know if it’s actually the “right” thing to do being that I did rack up sooo much in student loans- to not do something with my degree makes me feel yucky inside. Ugh! What to do what to do? I’m a huge believer that the solution will present itself- but I’ve been waiting and haven’t received anything yet. I’d love to hear your advice, if you have any for me. I’m obviously stuck.

Nothing interesting to post… but here’s my BBQ Playlist :)

I really have nothing to post about today. Usually my Monday posts will consist of pics of the weekend- this weekend I took none. I also did exactly what I did last weekend (football games)- so nothing really exciting or new to talk about there. Ugh, I just hate when there’s nothing interesting to share. So I decided to make a playlist for you all. Here’s the playlist that we listened to last night while BBQ-ing- Reggae/ Hawaiian Reggae. Enjoy!