I love my face because… #Project Positive

My first post for the #ProjectPositive Challenge.  I love my face because it is a  reflection of all of my loved ones that have come before me.  Some say I look like my mom, some say my dad and others say I look like my dad’s mom and then there are those who say I look like my moms brother!  I mean there are pieces of my face that resemble both sides of my family.  Growing up I used to hate the way I looked, but over the years I’ve learned to embrace the parts that I wish looked different.  Makeup can also build a lot of confidence.  So even though there are parts of my face that I know are not perfectly shaped I still love it because of where it came from :)  I can’t wait to read your #ProjectPositive posts!  image

What do you see when you look at your reflection?

#ProjectPositive Social Media Challenge

Hi guys If you are not a follower of Anastasia from Stardust, I really suggest you visit her site!  She is all about uplifting woman and encouraging them to embrace themselves flaws and all.  Well today starts Anastasia’s #ProjectPositive Challenge.  Everyday in September you will finish the sentence, for example today’s sentence is “I love my face because…”  Here is a chart from her blog.  Please click on it to follow and be a part of this challenge!


My Weekend In Pics

I had a busy busy weekend! On Friday night my son had a football game- as we were ending the second quarter of the game the stadium lights went off. They ended up delaying the game to the next day at 3pm. That night we all ended up drinking and didn’t get to bed til 5am- I realized that I am way too old to be doing that anymore. So, I basically got 2 hours of sleep before having to get up on Saturday morning for my nephews 9am baseball game, then going to my sons continued football game in the blazing hot sun, followed by my nephews football game at 6pm. It was a crazy Saturday I tell you. Yesterday everyone was recovering from the day before. As lazy as I was I still needed to go to the mall to check out the labor day sales that were going on. While shopping with my daughter we decided to secretly have lunch without daddy and brothers. We ate at Ferrell’s, a ice cream parlor with nostalgic decor- my daughter says she loves this place because it reminds her of Disneyland! Here are some random pictures from my Iphone that I captured this weekend.

photo 24 photo 23 photo 21 photo 5 photo 4 photo2 2 photo 3photo 2 photo 1 photo photo 12 photo 11 photo 14

Website that matches different makeup brand shades!

I just have to share this site with you all.  I’m constantly trying different beauty products and comparing brand names.  There have been times where I’ve Googled “Makeup forever shade 140 foundation to Revlon colorstay”  or any other brand name to find the closest shade in their line to match my MAC foundation color.  Well that is exactly what I was doing tonight. After a long search I came across this site.  You type in the color that matches your skin in your current foundation or any others that you know match and it allows you to find matches of just about any other brand.  Amazing!  Click here to go to the site.


Spa Date With My Daughter

I love hanging out with my daughter. The two of us can spend an entire day with each other without a dull moment. On Sunday we went shopping at the mall and decided that it would be fun to get pedicures at this beautiful nail spa called L’mour. It’s such a pretty place and they have so many different pedicures to choose from.  Téa got the Bubble-Licious pedi- it came with a fizzy bubble-gum soak and a sugar massage.  I got the Pomegranate Berry Pedi- crushed pomegranate and blueberry scrub and a pomegranate smoothie creme wrap.  Everything smells soooo delicious in there. photo 2BeFunky_nails1.jpg photo 1 photo 4 photo 3 photophoto 5