First Day of School

Today was my daughters first day back at school!  She’s now in the 2nd grade.  We had a meet and greet on monday night where she was able to meet her teacher and get her desk and cubby set up in class.  She said that the teacher she has is the one she always hears yelling, so she wasn’t too thrilled when she found out that she was in her class this year.  I told her that she’s a good girl and as long as she listens and does what she’s told, she has nothing to worry about.  This morning she was most excited about wearing her new clothes and shoes (I’m so terrible, I forgot to take a pic of her before i left for work) and finally getting to use her new twinkle toes backpack that we bought.  It as little twinkle lights!


My niece will be going to the same school as Tea this year, it’s pretty tough because she’s in the 6th grade and transitioning into the school as a new student with students that have already been with each other for 7 or so years.  She was so nervous it broke my heart.  She attended the same private school as my middle son since she was 4 years old so she’s basically leaving behind the school and friends she’s had her whole life for a new school.  It was a hard decision my sister had to make with the financial situation and my brother-in-law going through his cancer treatment.  I hope she makes some new friends and enjoys the year.

Maui starts school tomorrow and Kuha’o still has a month before he starts (lucky bugger!)

Baby gender news and some random weekend pics


On Friday we found out that we’re expecting a baby girl!!!  I’m soooo beyond excited.  My son’s were both hoping for a boy and my daughter was like “nope there’s too many boys I want a sister”.  When the doctor said “girl”  her face was priceless.  We were both so giddy the entire afternoon.  I can’t wait to start picking up little things for her.

This weekend we also celebrated my nephews birthday at the pool.  It has been so hot and muggy on the island that this was the perfect party for the kids.  They were in the pool all day.

IMG_2967 IMG_2970

My cousin Kui thought it would be funny to smash a cupcake in his sisters face… and it was!


These cupcakes were some of the best “store bought” cupcakes I’ve tasted.


The party theme was Nascar.  Super cute and simple.

IMG_2982 IMG_2984 IMG_2986

The birthday boy played so hard that he knocked out.

IMG_2989 IMG_2995

IMG_3011 IMG_3010

Pregnancy rage!

I’m so excited because tomorrow we’ll be getting our “fancy” ultrasound to find out if we’re having a boy or a girl. Kahele asked if this time around we should let it be a surprise and just wait til the baby gets here but I just can’t do it! I’m too damn curious.

The cravings and muscle aches have subsided but one thing I notice is my rage. I mean I physically feel great but my rage level has escalated. I almost lost my mind when I specifically asked the lady behind the counter at the market if the sandwich I was purchasing had mayo in it- she said “no”. That was a lie! When I got back to work to eat it and opened it up…. Surprise Mayo! The rage that I felt scared me a little, I envisioned myself going back to the market and throwing the sandwich at her…. Yikes! I know a little overboard, I wouldn’t actually do it but I kinda wanted to. Then at home I started snapping at everyone because after washing all the dishes, not even an hour later the sink was full with bowls and cups from dinner. Let’s just say that after my little bitch fit everyone in the house has been washing any dishes that they use instead of leaving them in the sink for me to clean. I don’t know how to control it and sometimes I cry at night because I feel terrible about my outbursts.  I feel like I need professional help.


At work I sometimes find my self contemplating on flipping out at my boss!  I think “would it be worth it to yell, rip papers and maybe even flip the bird and walk off the job?”  then I come to my senses… thank God!  I will definitely be sharing this with my doctor at my next visit.  Hopefully she can give me some suggestions other than… Just breathe cuz that’s some bull shit advise right there.


Well, thank you all for listening to my little rant about my “rage” issues.  I hope to return to my happy self soon.  I’m so excited to share with all of you the sex of my baby tomorrow :)


I did it everyone! I went camping and survived!  It was actually really nice- We were at a pretty location, I had a huge tent, the weather was nice and we were right next to the bathroom and showers.  I was so worried about being far from the bathroom because I’ve been going so much during the night and didn’t want to walk a long distance. My kids had the time of their lives!  My nieces also enjoyed themselves.  I honestly would do it all over again- which the family is planning to do in about 6 months from now, I put in a request that we get the cabins this time :)  4 10I can never remember exact dates so this seemed like a cute idea :)

18My cousin captured this beautiful picture of my son Maui and my nephew Kaikea when they went to watch the sunrise.

17 16 15 14 13 12 11 9 5 3

Most of the days were spent in the water.  We had to actually force the kids out to reapply sunscreen and make sure they ate and drank water.

2 1 6 8 7

The nights were spent hunting for crabs, fishing and sitting around the BBQ.  We had a fun night of cards and scary stories while eating s’mores.  So much fun for the kids.

gif4 gif3 gif2 gif1

A few gifs.  I’m so happy that my kids got to have this last fun weekend before school starts up.

Good luck to by brother-in-law!!!

Life’s been busy busy busy! If you’ve been following my blog for a while about a year and a half ago I posted about my brother-in-laws cancer- it’s been a roller coaster ride for my sister and their little family, but tonight they will leave for California to get his bone marrow transplant. I hope and pray that this is the end of a long road of struggles and the beginning of a long road of health and happiness for him. He and my sister are leaving right when their daughters are about to begin school so the girls will be with me down here in Hawaii. My sister’s been so stressed about leaving the girls for so long, but I love these girls like they’re my own so I will care for them as such. She’ll be gone for just about a month and my brother-in-law will have to stay there for about 3 months. We hope to be able to send the girls up for a long weekend within that time to visit.

c4f42-33These next few weeks I hope to distract my nieces with some fun activities so help the time fly by before my sister comes back. This weekend we’ll be going camping- a last HURRAH before they have to go back to school. The upcoming weekends we’ll also be having baseball games at the park and hopefully some pool days.
Speaking of camping… I HATE CAMPING! I’m not looking forward to camping at all! Kahele and the kids are so excited about it which puts a smile on my face even though I’m dreading it. Luckily we’ll be camping at a beach site where, once you get out, there are shops and restaurants so hopefully they’ll need things from the store where I’ll be able to be the designated runner. The only perk about it is that Kahele and the kids are really going out of their way to make sure I’m comfortable, I’m sure I’ll be very spoiled this weekend ;)
Here’s my idea of camping…