Update on Yesterdays Post

So this morning I did it.  I walked into Starbucks and once again the barista was standing there looking not too happy.  I ordered my drink and a cake pop and asked the cashier to “please give my barista this cake pop as a little gift”  he said “sure”.  After she made my drink and handed it to me I said “Thank you so much for making my Tea every morning” and guess what people…. She Smiled and said “You’re Welcome”!  Wow!  That’s all it took! I hope that her little gift makes her day absolutely awesome!  I think that sometimes the only thing that people need is to feel appreciated.  I know that sometimes it gets so exhausting to wake in the morning and do all the things I do to get my kids ready for the day, and when I get a kiss and a simple “Thank you”  it makes it that much more rewarding for me as a mom. Whenever I wake a little early and cook a nice breakfast I usually pack a to-go container for Kahele and it’s so worth it when he calls my phone and says “Thank you so much for making my coffee and packing me a breakfast.  You’re the best!”.  My heart just expands!


My Starbucks Barista Needs an Attitude Adjustment

I understand that sometimes people have to take a job that they may not particularly like in order to have an income and take care of what need to be taken care of financially. I also get that people have their good days and their bad days and that no matter how hard you try and keep your personal and professional lives separate it doesn’t always happen. I am guilty of having some really crappy mornings and find it so difficult to put on a smile at work… I get it! I really do! But this barista at the Starbucks that I go to at least 3 times a week is always grouchy- it’s come to the point where I really want to call her out on it. I mean seriously… for most people this is their first stop of the day, they are coming in to this establishment for their morning fix. She never has a smile on her face, she seems so unhappy to be preparing drinks and when it’s time to hand off the drink she says (in a very monotone voice) the persons name with absolutely no “have a nice day” or “thank you for coming”. What a killjoy! To make it even worse, she works in Waikiki where most of their clients are on vacation!!! Almost every worker in Waikiki exudes the “Aloha Spirit”. It is a huge part of our jobs.

anything else

So I’ve come up with a plan… tomorrow I will go into Starbucks and buy her a cake pop! I will leave it with the cashier and have them anonymously give it to her. It seems that every morning must be shitty for her because she’s never in high spirits when she’s at work. Maybe a little gift will be just the thing to change that little attitude of hers into a positive and happy one.


Hawaii Prince Court Buffet

On Sunday I met up with my girlfriends for a nice brunch.  We decided on the Prince Court Buffet.  This is one of the best buffets I’ve ever been to, and I’ve been to a lot.  I think that the thing I liked best about this buffet is that all the selections were prepared nicely and everything that I chose tasted yummy.  There are buffets out there that add things to their buffet and it looks so pretty but when you taste it… barf!  This wasn’t one of those huge buffets but there were plenty of things to choose from.  Click here for their Sunday Brunch Menu.

16It’s such a beautiful restaurant overlooking the Ilikai Marina


 We were lucky to get a window table

108Of course if Plantation Iced Tea is being served then that’s what I’ll have

15 14 12 7 6 5I took a little browse around before actually making my plate… you know… for the blog and all.

1The sushi bar is a great place to start


I pretty much just piled on all that could fit on the plate.  I did have a salad plate before this one.


And for the finally…. DESSERT!!!! The taro cheese cake (purple) and the bread pudding with vanilla bean sauce were both awesome!

Definitely make time to visit this buffet whether you’re kama’aina or visitor.  And go really hungry, I was smart and didn’t eat dinner the night before or anything that morning.

Hawaii Prince Hotel

2nd floor

2015 O’o Awards

Over the weekend we attended the O’o Awards. My father-in-law was a recipient this year (what an honor). It was absolutely beautiful. The highlight of the evening is when Kahele did the Oli (chant) to present his father. There were so many tears on our table lol. Here are some photos and a couple of Vines from that night.  We even got to see the fireworks!  Great night!
6There was a table with a little message book

7Kahele reading the Proclamation


The Decor was soooo beautiful10


These gifts were waiting for us when we sat.  In the black pouch there was a beautiful koa mirror


There was sooo much food.


This Guava Cheesecake was die-licious!


Such a touching moment between Kahele and his Dad


Receiving the O’o



We still have these leis hanging all over the house.

MEMOBOTTLE- a pretty cool find!

When I’m bored I love to browse the web for some cool new inventions. I came across this! It’s called the “memobottle” its a flat bottle that’s perfect for carrying in a bag especially for students. My kids carry their water bottle in the side pocket of their backpacks and whenever they put on or take off their packs the bottle always seems to fall out. This would be great. I’m wondering though… how would cold water work with this? Wouldn’t the condensation get papers, folders and laptops wet? Hmmmm? I guess its only good for room temp water. Still a pretty cool idea though! I believe that it can only be ordered through their website!


My son went to his first prom

This weekend my son attended his first prom, not his prom (he’s only a sophomore) but he escorted his friend.  My niece (who is a senior) also had her prom on the same day, so it was really nice watching them both get dressed up.  My sister-in-law and I were going a little crazy because there was so much to get done.  She had to take my niece to get her hair and makeup done while I was at home making the corsage for Maui’s date.  After they both were gone we literally fell into a comfortable spot and relaxed.  All that work and we got nothing out of it.  We did all the work, dished out all the money and stressed and they got to look good, eat great meals and dance the night away… NOT FAIR! hahaa.  Here are some photos that I got before they were on their way.


Maui looking handsome!


My niece Tyler along with her date and Maui


Maui and his date


Here’s the corsage that I made!

Proud Mom!!!!


Last week my son Maui had a televised baseball game.  He did such an excellent job and actually ended up winning the “Impact Player of the Game” award.  We decided to stay home and watch it on T.V. because it’s so much better- You hear the announcers and see everything so clearly.  So at the end of the game you can imagine my excitement when I see my son being interviewed and given this award along with a short highlight video.  Tears were flowing because I was so proud.  He is so humble about his talents and never speaks highly of himself, which makes him even more deserving of it.  I pray that he always remains this way.



“Your impact player of the game Maui Gaison. He did it big”