Valentine’s Dessert!

Chocolate covered strawberries are a great Valentines dessert.  I thought that presenting these in a chocolate bowl would be such a great idea.  You can use them as a center piece, or make smaller bowls with a single strawberry as a small Valentines gift to take to work or give individually.  I thought it came out great.  I had a little problem with the bowl melting on me so you may want to do a couple of layers of the chocolate (I did a single layer).

1.  Blow up a balloon to the desired size and place it on something that will hold it place while you pour your chocolate.
photo (9)

2.  Melt your chocolate pieces.  I placed my chocolate in a bowl and microwaved it on MEDIUM heat until smooth.
3.  Pour your melted chocolate over the balloon.  Don’t worry about it dripping down the balloon (this adds character).
photo (8)photo (7)

4.  Place this balloon in the refridgerator until hard. (Here is where you may want to coat it with another layer)
5.  Take your strawberries and coat them in chocolate. Then place them in the fridge as well.
photo (6)

6.  When the chocolate is set carefully deflate your balloon.  Arrange your strawberries in your chocolate bowl.
photo (5)

Notice that there is a little crack in my bowl?  Next time I will definitely do a thicker layer of chocolate.
BTW, I am guilty of eating this entire thing myself!


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