Happy Birthday Papa!

Today is my Papa’s Birthday. He passed away 6 years ago, but I still feel his presence everyday and know that he watches over me. About 2 years after his passing I had a very vivid dream of him, and in this dream he let me know that I will know he is with me when I see 3 butterflies and to give the message to my Dad. Ever since then, I see 3 butterflies everywhere. Have any of you had this type of experience where your loved ones who have passed have made it very clear that they are still with you? I’d love to hear about your experiences.


1 thought on “Happy Birthday Papa!

  1. My grandfather (PopPop) passed away in May 2010 on my Little One's 2nd Birthday. PopPop makes himself known to us all the time. I have many dreams of him and his actions and mannerisms really show up in my Little One! It is so funny at times. I had a dream that he was asking where the bush went that was out front of his house. I told my dad about the dream and he told me the day before, my grandmother (PopPop's wife) had someone remove it! I know he is still watching over us every day.
    Great blog by-the -way!


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