Are You a HELLO KITTY Freak?! (check these out!)

My biggest fear is cats, so naturally I am not a Hello Kitty fan. The Hello Kitty fad has taken the world by storm.   Everywhere you turn there is Hello Kitty Merchandise.  No longer just for kids, Hello Kitty products are made for all ages.  I have a very good friend who is obsessed with Hello Kitty.  Her birthday is coming up, so I was browsing the web for something cute to get her.  OMG, the things I came across.  I’d like to share with you some of the craziest Hello Kitty things I found…..Prepare yourselves….

The Bus

Bus Interior

The House

The Cafe

Cafe Interior

The Champagne

The Hospital

The Exhaust Pipe

Car Oil

Theme Park


Vending Machine

The Car

The Airplane

If you have come across anything crazier than I’ve posted I’d love for you to share it.  I will add it to my post along with your blog name.  Thank you!


6 thoughts on “Are You a HELLO KITTY Freak?! (check these out!)

  1. I'm a hello kitty freak ….i have about everything ….from underwear …to seat covers…..jewelery ….yeah ….and i'm planning to go to the theme park..27years old ….


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