The Hunger Games review

I was busy all weekend and didn’t get a chance to share my thoughts about The Hunger Games movie. The movie was great, the special effects were awesome and overall I felt like the cast matched what I envisioned in the book. However, if you did read the book you will be a little disappointed about how much was left out. I know that in movies they are often forced to leave out a lot because there is only so much that can fit into a certain amount of time, but with this movie I felt that the book gave me a higher rush of adrenaline than the movie. Maybe because it was a PG-13 they couldn’t make it a little more graphic, but it is “The Hunger Games” and the whole point of the games is to kill of everyone and be the last one standing. So yes, the lack of action and adrenaline pumping scenes left me feeling a little let down. However, I would definitely recommend seeing it, it was still a great movie.


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