SHOKUDO- A review on my favorite restaurant

Hi Everyone!  Today I wanted to do a review on my favorite restaurant.  In Hawaii we have so many restaurants, but above all I place this one!  Whenever my girlfriends or cousins wanna go out for dinner and a drink this place is always my suggestion.  Shokudo is located right behind the Alamoana Shopping Center.  So if you’re ever in Hawaii or live here already, its very easy to find.  The decor is nice and open with high ceilings and lots of natural light, making the ambiance very relaxing.  Below are a few items that are ordered every time we dine. These items are for sure to be on our table.  We always start off with our Sake-tini’s.  These are flavored martinis made with Sake.  I literally tell the waitress to keep them coming until I tell her to stop. LOL!  They’re that good.  My favorite is the Lychee.  We enjoy our “PUPU’S”, which is what we call appetizers here in the islands, with some good conversation and plenty of laughs.  We always end with the Honey Toast (Even if we’re stuffed), which is probably the simplest dessert, but at the same time one of the yummiest.  It’s literally honey, vanilla ice cream and toast!  Below are some of the dishes along with their descriptions!


Main Dinning Area


The Bar


Lychee Saketini


Elevated Dinning Area


Sushi Pizza:  Baked sushi rice with salmon, scallops, crab meat & onion topped with jalapeno


Spicy Tuna Crispy Rice:   Crispy sushi rice topped with spicy tuna and pickled jalapeno


Agedashi Tofu: Lightly battered and fried tofu served with light soy dashi broth


Mochi Cheese Gratin:  Mochi cubes blanketed in mozzarella & light soy dashi broth baked and topped with nori and green onion.


Tofu Salad: Tofu drizzled with creamy sesame dressing served with greens, won tons and nori


Honey Toast


3 thoughts on “SHOKUDO- A review on my favorite restaurant

  1. Oh my gosh Misty! It's so easy to make I do it all the time. I just get an uncut loaf of sweet bread and cut it into chunks, toast it and slather it in honey and throw some vanilla ice cream on it. I always have all of the ingredients in my house….which is very dangerous!


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