Vampire Shift By Tim O’Rourke



When twenty-year-old police recruit Kiera Hudson is posted to the remote town of The Ragged Cove, her life is changed forever. Investigating a series of horrific murders, grave desecrations and missing persons, with her unique ability of ‘seeing’, Kiera soon realizes her life is in danger. But when Kiera falls in love with Police officer Luke Bishop, not only is her mind and her heart opened to a terrifying new world, she comes to suspect that Luke might be involved in the killings. In a race against time to unearth the truth, Kiera must discover the identity of who or what is behind the gruesome deaths on the ‘Vampire Shift’.

My Thoughts

I thought this was a good book, I didn’t love it but I don’t regret reading it.  A friend of mine recommended it to me, she read the first 3 and said she loved them.  I like how the book transported me to The Ragged Cove, which in my mind reminded me a lot of the restaurant in The Goonies.  I didn’t like how the book ended though, I understand that authors do it to force you to continue to the next book in the series, but I prefer to still have an exciting ending that’s not gonna just leave me hanging.  I’m not sure if I will read on into the series, maybe at a later date.  I definitely recommend this book to kids in middle school and up.  There were no intimate love scenes, so it is very age appropriate.


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