Betsey Johnson Too Too

I was browsing through Sephora yesterday and came across this fragrance.  I mean look at the packaging, of course it grabbed my attention!  I’m going to say that I do love the fragrance….. but not for myself.  It’s a little too youthful smelling for me.  Sweet with a little musk.  I think that this would be perfect for someone in high school or even college.  I wouldn’t mind hanging out with someone who wore this fragrance, it is not one that I would get sick of at all.  I was also thinking that this would be a great fragrance for prom.  This gift set is $62 at Sephora, but the roll on is also sold on its own at $18.  It’s perfect for carrying in a little clutch.

Juicy Passion Fruit, Pink Musk, Ginger, Mara Strawberry, Tuberose, Jasmine, Oud Wood, Patchouli, Black Vanilla. 


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