Viva Las Vegas!!!!


Hi guys in just 3 days I will be off to my favorite vacation destination….Vegas Baby!  This trip is more of a family trip, as I will be going for my son’s baseball tournament.  Some of my best memories with my friend are of us in Vegas.  My dreams are to travel the world, but with 3 kids and little money, Vegas provides me with a little taste of everywhere.  I love sight seeing in Vegas, going into all their hotels and seeing all the beautiful architecture and detail that goes along with the theme of each hotel.  I want to share my trip with you all, so I will be doing some Vlog-ing and Blog-ing while I’m up there.  I will be uploading videos straight to my site.  I’ve never Vlog-ed before so I’m really excited about it.  The countdown is on!!! Yay!


1 thought on “Viva Las Vegas!!!!

  1. Hi Kaneohe! Found you on MBC. Really like your blog. We are going to be in Vegas for a conference in August and will be taking our 3 year old and 18 month old (then will be 20 months old). Looking forward to hearing about your trip and tips for parents travelling there with 2 small kids. Here are my links if interested:







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