Viva Las Vegas!!!!


Hi guys in just 3 days I will be off to my favorite vacation destination….Vegas Baby!  This trip is more of a family trip, as I will be going for my son’s baseball tournament.  Some of my best memories with my friend are of us in Vegas.  My dreams are to travel the world, but with 3 kids and little money, Vegas provides me with a little taste of everywhere.  I love sight seeing in Vegas, going into all their hotels and seeing all the beautiful architecture and detail that goes along with the theme of each hotel.  I want to share my trip with you all, so I will be doing some Vlog-ing and Blog-ing while I’m up there.  I will be uploading videos straight to my site.  I’ve never Vlog-ed before so I’m really excited about it.  The countdown is on!!! Yay!


One thought on “Viva Las Vegas!!!!

  1. Hi Kaneohe! Found you on MBC. Really like your blog. We are going to be in Vegas for a conference in August and will be taking our 3 year old and 18 month old (then will be 20 months old). Looking forward to hearing about your trip and tips for parents travelling there with 2 small kids. Here are my links if interested:







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