Home From Vegas!

Hi guys!  I returned home from my Vegas trip this morning.  I wanted to blog and vlog every day on my trip but it wasn’t so easy to do it.  I should have researched easier ways to vlog from my iphone.  I watch some of these Youtube vloggers and they vlog straight from their iphones.  My plan was to video from my phone and upload it straight to youtube and link it here.  Well as it turns out, it takes forever to upload the video from my iphone and it was killing my battery.  It was just taking too much time away from all the fun I was having.

We arrived on Wednesday afternoon and after checking into our room at the California hotel (where we always stay) we ate at Aloha Specialties.  This is one of my favorite local Hawaiian food restaurants, they make better local food than more than half the places on the island.  My favorites are the Garlic Chicken with Gravy and the Tripe Stew.

The next morning we headed to Circus Circus for a day of fun in the Adventure Dome (you can see my earlier post on that).  That night we ate at Main Street Station Buffet.  It was Thursday night Steak and Scampi. 

Friday morning we did a little shopping, some gambling and then had dinner at Serendipity 3 (you can see an earlier blog on this as well).  After dinner we headed over to the Ceasars Palace do admire all of the statues. 

Saturday and Sunday we were at the park all day for my son’s Memorial Day Baseball Tournament.  They won 2 games and lost 2. 

Yesterday was our last day in Vegas so I wanted to make sure that I ended it on a good note for my kids so we headed back over to Circus Circus and then dinner at The Olive Garden. 

I’m glad to be back home. 


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