Petite Cherie- Annick Goutal


I bought this perfume a few weeks ago.  It’s called “Petite Cherie” and I purchased it at Nordstrom.  I’ve wanted it for a while but it’s pretty pricey, I purchased the the 3oz for $165.00, by far the most expensive perfume I’ve purchased.  

This perfume smells exactly like fresh cut pear. I love the smell of pear, but most pear scents that I’ve tried, like Victoria Secrets and Bath and Body smell like beer to me.  But this one is such a refreshing true scent.  This is a great scent to wear during the day, especially during spring and summer.

Notes: Fresh-cut grass, peach, rose, pear and vanilla  


1 thought on “Petite Cherie- Annick Goutal

  1. i am glad you finally found something that smells like pear. i love the smell of lavender but all i get smells like medicine. so i am still on the lookout foe a good smell


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