Bath Bakery San Francisco

Don’t you just want to eat these?  Well you can’t because they’re all soap!  They look so real and pretty.  I wouldn’t mind having a cupcake themed bathroom with all of these soaps.  Great all this cupcake talk is making me crave a cupcake!  SNACK TIME! lol

29 thoughts on “Bath Bakery San Francisco

  1. Whoever made (and came up with that idea) is just evil, pure evil, lol. I was really getting hungry and yearning for a cupcake. Especially since I just finished watching a dvr'ed cupcake wars show. 🙂 I go to San Fran once a year, so I'm definitely gonna look this up.


  2. I ALSO thought they were real how crazy!!
    Following you back from the FFF Link up party.
    Thank you for joining us today 🙂
    Excited to see what other suprised you have


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