Thirsty Thursdays- Alo

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Have you tried this? At first I was put off by it because growing up in Hawaii my parents always used Aloe to rub on cuts and scrapes, it was literally our “back yard medicine”. I always hated the slimy consistency and the smell, so my first reaction to drink it was….”EEWWW GROSS”, especially hearing that it has chunks of Aloe in it! But everyone around me who’s tried it said they like it, so I decided to try it. They were right! It’s really good! There are a few flavors, but I’ve only tried the “Enrich” which is a pomegranate and cranberry flavor (pictured above), and the “Allure” which is a Mango flavor. I’m looking forward to trying the others! If you’ve tried it I’d love to hear your thoughts.


2 thoughts on “Thirsty Thursdays- Alo

  1. I love going to a Chinese supermarket where they have all these weird (at least for me!!!) flavoured drinks and I just get home with no less than 6 different bottles… some are so yummy, others not so much LOL Glad you liked your first try at an unknown beverage. xx


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