Easy by Tammara Webber


Jacqueline follows her longtime boyfriend to the college instead of following her own dreams. Out of nowhere he says that he wants to break up leaving her in a state of depression for a couple of weeks setting her back in class. Her professor takes pity on her having a daughter around her age who’d recently experienced a breakup herself, and gives her an email address to a tutor that can help her to get back on track. A dangerous encounter with a frat boy sends Lucas to her rescue.  She starts to develop feelings for Lucas, and after several flirtatious emails with the tutor Landon, she develops feelings for him as well.  Now she’s newly single crushing on two men while trying to distance herself from a frat boy stalker, and to add to her whirlwind her ex feels that he’s made a huge mistake in dumping her and wants her to give him another chance.

This was a great, fun and fast read.  I am looking forward to reading more books by Tammara Webber. 

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