Enjoying My Vacation :)

Hey everyone! I’m halfway through my Disneyland trip and it’s been a blast so far.  When I wake up still full from all of the snacking, with sore feet and a stiff neck from all the rides, you can bet that its a great time!  Yesterday we were able to relax a little due to a Superbowl  party thrown at my Uncle’s house.  Who was everyone cheering for?  I really didn’t care who won so it was based on rooting along with one of my uncles who’s a die-hard San Fran fan or rooting for the Ravens because my favorite color is purple (hee hee)!  Check out this beautiful picture I captured during sunset yesterday.

Thank goodness we had yesterday to put our feet up and veg around because in just about an hour we’ll be heading back over to Disneyland again.  If you’re not following me on Pinterest yet, please do!  I follow back all of my Pinterest followers.  I’ll try and get some cool pix uploaded while at the park.

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1 thought on “Enjoying My Vacation :)

  1. Beautiful photo! I hope you enjoyed disney land. I have friends who are vacationing out there right now and are loving it so far! Following you back from the hop! Have a great day!



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