Beautiful Creatures Movie


I saw Beautiful Creatures last night!!!! I’ve been waiting so long for this movie to be released.  I read all of the books in this series and loved them all!  The movie was soooo good guys.  If you read the books you will be pleased with the movie, they really hit it “right-on” with what I envisioned in my head while reading the book.  The scenery and special effects were awesome.  This movie is a…MUST SEE!


2 thoughts on “Beautiful Creatures Movie

  1. I have read the first book. I am a few chapters in on the second. I just came back from watching the film. I loved the film it was good but was slightly disappointed some people from the book was missing and some bits in the book didn't happened. But i would recommend everyone to watch it cause its brill. But do you have any info on sequels. Are they going to do film 1-4 like the books because the ending i didn't want it to end lol. Sort of a cliff hanger in my eyes. Help??? Lol.

    Kate @ sparkle dust xx


  2. Haven't heard about sequels yet, but in my opinion the books only get better so they should def. continue. I think that it's going to be just like twilight once everyone starts reading all of the books because of this one movie. Thank goodness these books are way better.


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