The Food Company in Kailua

I thought I’d share this little hidden treasure that I discovered in Kailua last week.  Kailua is a popular tourist attraction on Oahu, so if you’re ever visiting you must stop by this cafe.  It’s called “The Food Company” and the food there is die-licious.  I ate there for the first time last week and after having a hard time deciding what to choose off of there HUGE menu, I finally let the waitress decide for me and she surprised me with what is pictured above… its a deep fried, crab stuffed, nori wrapped ahi.  OMG it was YUMMY.  You can learn more about the restaurant by clicking here. 

1 thought on “The Food Company in Kailua

  1. I don't think I've been there, unless this behind the Whole Foods because I can't remember the name of that place with delicious French toast…

    I'll have to try The Food Cmpany! I am not in Kailua now, but I will be again as soon as the semester is over and my man is back from deployment! He wants to come somewhere closer to base, but I like Kailua a lot.


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