There are Angels Among Us

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Good morning everyone and happy Saturday!

This post is a little different than the norm, but I just have to share. So…. for years now I’ve suffered from depression. I actually think that I’ve suffered from it since I was a kid, but there was so much distraction in my life that the “blues” would be easily overcome. About 15 years ago after graduating from high school and entering “the real world” is when it started to get bad. There were also things and people in my life that would trigger my emotional breakdowns. I knew that I needed help when at one point I just didn’t want to live anymore. I seeked medical help and was on anti-depressants for a few years, which helped but I really hated taking. My ears would always be plugged and I sometimes felt groggy.

In 2005, I started meditating as a way of dealing. This is the best thing that I could have done for myself. I also started noticing that when I would meditate, little signs in my life would appear that I knew were messages that I wasn’t alone. I’m sure a lot of you have experienced these…. out of the blue you will look around and something will grab your attention, maybe a billboard that literally says “YOU ARE NOT ALONE” or something as small as you feeling sad inside and not showing it outside but your child walks up to you at the perfect moment to give you a kiss and tell you everything will be alright. This is what I’m talking about.

Anyway the reason why I’m writing this is because last night a wave of sadness came over me. When I feel like this I speak to my Papa, who passed away about 7 years ago. Every time I speak to him, butterflies appear… I mean literally there will be a butterfly, it doesn’t have to be living it can be a picture, a cartoon, even on an item of clothing that my daughter chooses to wear without me helping her. Well I woke up still feeling a little down and even more depressed that I had to go into work on a Saturday, but when I walked outside to my car in the garage there had to be at least 10 butterflies flying around my garage. In an instant my spirits were lifted and now I feel great!

I think that the point I want to get across is that no matter how bad things get you are never alone to  deal with the pain on your own. Ask for a sign and pay attention… look for the message, your angels are around!


3 thoughts on “There are Angels Among Us

  1. This is truly beautiful, i am glad you got help or found a way to deal with your depression. Your right your never alone and there are so many people in the world or in your life who will be their for you, to support you. I suffered from depression twice in my life due to situations that have been through i decided the best therapy for me personally is not let them certain situations get to me and to move on else they win, i did it by myself and i feel great now i got there slowly but of course everyone as their down days. If you have loved ones and people who support you around you, you can be who you want to be encouragment helps. What you wrote is lovely and will many other sufferers of depression. Kate @ sparkle dust xx


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