Dinner In The Sky….Whaaa???

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Have you all heard of this??? This is the craziest thing! Every year in May we go to Vegas, so I always like to go online and browse any new shows or events that are going to be happening at that time and this popped up. It will be opening in May of this year and I’m sure I wont be even thinking about making a reservation to do this seeing as how I’m afraid of heights LOL. But for all you thrill seekers out there….

Here’s a little info about this unique experience that I found on their website:

Dinner in the Sky Las Vegas is the most unique aerial dining experience in the United States. It features a 200-foot-high permanent steel tower outfitted with a pair of lifts capable of raising two 22-seat dinner tables 180 feet up in the air, suspending diners high above the famous Las Vegas skyline.

Guests will be hosted by a professional team of Sky chefs, a Maître d’ and a master mixologist, offering gourmet cuisine, fine spirits and Four Star-quality service. Each table offers unparallel views of the famous Las Vegas Strip, the majestic Red Rock Canyon and surrounding areas.


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