Versce Bright Crystal Perfume

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Hi everyone! Happy Hump-day:) I’ve heard wonderful things about this perfume on various blogs, so of course I had to go to Sephora yesterday to test it out. I’m a fan of floral soft fragrances, so this one caught my attention when reading some fragrance reviews. When I first sprayed it on, I’ll be honest it was a little edgy and strong. I ended up leaving the store without purchasing. As the scent had time to settle on me it really faded into a lovely smell. This is a scent that is great for outdoors and because I probably wont be wearing it to work, I opted for the roller ball instead of the bottle.  It’s very pretty smell that reminds me of a flowers and sunshine.  Outdoor weddings would be a great event for this perfume. A word of advice… whenever considering a fragrance it’s always best to spray it and wear it around for a bit before making your final decision. I myself, will visit Macy’s or Sephora as my first shop in the mall, spray on a fragrance and wear it while shopping. This will show me how the fragrance fades, how long it lasts and sometimes you’ll even get random people complimenting you on it.


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