Rimmel Kate Moss Collection

I went into Walgreens yesterday just to browse around in the cosmetics department and came across the Kate Moss Collection by Rimmel.  I don’t usually buy Rimmel products but they were only $5.49 with a buy one get one at 50% off promotion.  I ended up buying 2 of these for less than $10!!!! That is a great deal, especially when the color has some major staying power!  I bought 2 colors that I really wouldn’t buy if they were higher priced, but because they were so cheap I thought I’d play around with some brighter colors (I’m usually a nude or pink girl).  I definitely recommend trying this collection!


2 thoughts on “Rimmel Kate Moss Collection

  1. Hey… i picked up no. 12 couple of days back… also another lipstick from their other range of products… But there was no promotional offer in here. this is the first time i am trying rimmel but i really liked the quality of this lipskick. its stays longer & blends in after hours of use. SO i think a great product & not expensive atall!!!



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