I’ve Been Praying Hard!

R.I.P. Martin

Hearts are breaking all over the world for little children who are continually being the victims of brutality. Martin was taken from this earth way too soon. I have an 8 year old and can’t imagine having him taken from me.  I’ve been praying harder than ever for, not only Martin’s family, but all of the families who have lost a child.  I wish there was more that a person could do, I mean I’m sitting here and all I have to offer are my prayers, it just seems like it’s not enough. I fear sending my children to school, I lay in bed at night and pray that my children will never have to experience fear on the level that many of these children have had to face.  If we can’t have peace in the world is it too much that we at least keep the violence away from our children!? Martin has left behind a powerful message which he holds in his hands!


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