Dinner and Drinks with the Besties @ The Grove in Kailua

Happy Friday!!!! I’m so excited for the weekend.  I plan to sleep in, stay up late, watch a good movie and make some happy memories 🙂  Last night was the start to a great weekend, I met up with 3 of my best friends for some dinner and drinks.  I’ve missed them so much.  We all have kids and don’t have the freedom to drop what we’re doing to have a girls night out, so it’s really important that when we’re all free  we take advantage of that time and grab ourselves a drank! We choose “The Grove” in Kailua.  They serve some die-licous food there.  We chose to sit outside because it was so warm in doors, I don’t know if their AC was broken or what, but we were really uncomfortable inside.  There wasn’t (and never is) a dull moment.  We caught up on relationships, work and our kids.  These moments with my friends are one of the best highlights of my life.  There’s just something about being with your girlfriends that you can’t find with anyone else.  I love em’ to death!  Here are some of our yummies that we ordered and devoured 🙂

Brussel Sprout Salad
Seafood dip with Shrimp chips
Sauteed Mushrooms
Creme Brulee
Chicken Bubu

8 thoughts on “Dinner and Drinks with the Besties @ The Grove in Kailua

  1. You're right. Hanging out with girlfriends is something that every woman needs. My husband is so understanding about it, but I always tell him if I didn't have good girlfriends, I would be miserable.

    I'm not sure why we need them so much, I'm just sure that we do. I'm glad you have a few that are so dear to you!

    FYI: I'm visiting from the blog hop!


  2. You're making me jealous by missing my home town :(! Most of my besties are either in Hawaii or spread throughout the world! Part of graduating from Radford! Go RAMS! If you go some time hop on over to the blog hop I am having. Going on all weekend 🙂 Aloha!!

    The Wondering Brain


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