M.A.C Baking Beauties Collection

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Last night I was shopping at Alamoana for a bridal shower gift for my cousin.  I was running around and didn’t have time to shop for make-up for myself, but…. as I was walking pass the M.A.C store, trying to distract myself so that I wouldn’t go in, I saw the window display. OMG the cutest display ever I had to run in and take a couple shots of it.  Aren’t these the cutest?!  I’m definitely going back tomorrow when I have some time to try on a few of the pieces in the new collection.  I’m really wanting to get the “Pure Decoration” lipstick.  I’ll swatch it for you all if I in fact do get it!

Pure Decoration
Pure Decoration

4 thoughts on “M.A.C Baking Beauties Collection

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