Bridal Shower…. and the day after!

Happy Monday everyone! How was everyone’s weekend? This past Saturday we had a bridal shower for my cousin Pili who will be getting married this coming Sunday. The shower was so much fun. Just girls being girls, having a few (or for me and my cousins a little more than a few) cocktails, having great conversation and playing shower games! It was a blast! Well the next morning (yesterday) I really paid for it! I was in bed all day with the worst hangover and suffering from vertigo. I literally had the world spinning around me. Let’s just say that I learned a valuable lesson…. Stay away from Jack (Daniels that is). I guess there’s no 2nd date with Jack at the wedding LOL! Have a great Monday everyone!

The Bride

3 thoughts on “Bridal Shower…. and the day after!

  1. hello there! i am visiting from the blog hop! love you blog and i will definitely follow! i have never been to a bridal shower! it looks like so much fun. i moved to america from germany and in my home country bridal showers are not very common. but i do hope that i will be a part of one someday!


  2. It is so cool that you are part German! Do you know where exactly your Dad comes from? I would love to know! I hope you can visit someday! I would love to visit Hawaii!


  3. I really don't know! I wish I did though, my great grandfather was from Germany and moved here to Hawaii at a young age with his parents. I really need to ask my grandmother though because I'd love to visit and it would be nice to know where they were from.


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