Congratulations to my BFF Hana and her little miracle man!

Yesterday my best friend gave birth to her 2nd child. Her story is amazing…. she had been trying to get pregnant with her first child for a loooong time when she finally decided to do in vitro. She gave birth to her first son in June of last year. Because she had such a hard time getting pregnant, during her postpartum doctors appointment she decided not to go on birth control. Well guest what?….. she got pregnant. The irony right! This was a tough pregnancy though, baby wasn’t growing right from the beginning but the heart beat was strong so the goal was to just hang in there until around 37 weeks when he was developed enough to have a safe birth. She’s lives in Maui but had to pretty much move here for the specialists to monitor her here on Oahu. Then she finds out a few weeks ago that she has preeclampsia, and docs said that because of the risk she had to be induced. I’m happy to note that baby is doing fine on his own but is still in NICU, Hana suffered a bit, but the last update I got was that she was doing fine and resting. I can’t wait to see her after work today ๐Ÿ™‚

Hana (left) & Myself. This was before she was a wife and mommy ๐Ÿ™‚
Baby doing great.  3lbs 7oz.

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