True Blood Season 5

This is my absolute favorite television series!  I don’t watch it on television weekly throughout the season, I actually suffer until the season comes out on DVD so that there is no waiting between episodes.  I finally bought it on ITunes last week and I am half way through the season.  I love, love, love this season.  Before a becoming a fan of the series I read all of the books, I stopped reading the books because they changed so much around in the series from what was in the books that I just lost interest in keeping up. The problem with the series is that I have 3 kids and it is VERY inappropriate for them to see so I end up waiting until they fall asleep before watching, which means some nights (like last night) I can be up until 1am watching LOL! It was worth the dark circles under the eyes this morning 🙂


3 thoughts on “True Blood Season 5

  1. I was a huge True Blood fan. But, I wasn't able to watch it faithfully after the 2nd season. It's such an intense and interesting show. 🙂 I should look into watching the other seasons soon.


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