My Son is 9!

On June 14, 2004 I gave birth to my second son!  He was a mommy’s boy from the start.  I was able to spend almost the first 2 years of his life as a stay at home mom taking care of him which I didn’t get to do with my other 2. He has the most infectious smile and laugh and is so loving towards everyone.  There isn’t a day that goes by that he doesn’t say “I’m so happy your my mom” and not a day goes by where it doesn’t melt my heart.  This year he said was his “Best Birthday Ever”.  Last week him and daddy went to Vegas to spend time with my in-laws who have a son (his cousin) his age.  Everyday they swam in the pool, stayed up late and even got to go to Circus Circus Adventure Dome, the top of the Stratosphere and rode the New York New York roller coaster.  He arrived back home late Wednesday night and on Thursday we celebrated his birthday with an early start by going bowling and eating at Round-Table (his favorite).  Yesterday Dad and I took him to Toys R Us where he picked out some really cool gifts, then off to see Man of Steel, and ended the day with Crab Legs for dinner and a cookies and cream ice cream cake.  What an awesome day!

I crack up at the way he bowls.  He runs, throws the ball and then directs it while it rolls LOL
The perfect end to a perfect birthday!

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