My laptop screen cracked!

Last week I spoke these words exactly… “I think I’m ready for a new laptop”.  Yesterday I open my laptop and the dang screen is cracked… the irony!  I really didn’t mean I wanted a new laptop right this moment as a result of my old one getting cracked LOL!  I was planning on giving the old one to my son after getting the new one, so I called Sony to see how much it would cost to replace the screen.  Let me just tell you all that I bought this laptop in 2010 for $700 and the guy on the phone tells me that the screen replacement will cost $500!  WTF!  Luckily I found that if I plug my laptop into another monitor I can use it as a desk top, sorry son  that’s as good as you’re gonna get. So off to Best Buy I drove!  I debated between getting a MAC or another Vaio, in the end I chose the Vaio because I was really happy with my old one.  I haven’t unwrapped it yet because it has the new Windows8, which I know nothing about. I’m planning on taking a crash course to get a little familiar with it first.

Do any of you use the Windows 8?  Is it as intimidating as it looks?


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