Hi Everyone! While browsing ITunes for television shows I came across some that brought back memories of my childhood. I was inspired to do a post of all the shows that I grew up watching. These are shows from my childhood up until my senior year in high school (1998). Each of these shows I absolutely love. If there are any that you loved from this time that weren’t listed I’d love for you to share them!

Absolutely Fabulous
Beverly Hills 90210
Family Matters
Fresh Prince
Punky Brewster
The Cosby Show
The Facts of Life
The Nanny
Three’s Company
Who’s the Boss

4 thoughts on “T.V. SHOWS I GREW UP WATCHING

  1. OMG some of these I LOVE, some I have never heard of. A lot of the shows like The Cosby show I never got to see it when it was on because I was too young but I watched the re runs when they came back on TV. I loved Saved by the bell, full house, fresh prince, who's the boss, the nanny, step by step, I am still watching Seinfeld,married with children re runs and I use to watch Blossom!

    I also loved my wife and kids that was hilarious. I wish they made shows like this, now its all reality.


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