Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles themed party for Kaikea

Yesterday we had a blast at my nephew’s 3rd birthday party. He loves TMNT, so mommy got very creative in incorporating that theme in just about everything from the food, costumes, to the decor.  She continues to amaze me in the amount of work she put into her parties. Check out last years party she threw for her son HERE.

 Each kid got a Mutant goodie bag, which they got to fill with a sword and a colored mask of their choice.

 My favorite part was THE CUPCAKES!!! So yummy.

 My niece (pictured above) will be celebrating her birthday on the first, so we sang happy birthday to her too.

 Here’s my daughter posing behind what my cousin was sure to point out as “The poster that she drew free hand”. 

Kaikea could not wait to open his presents.  I let him secretly open the one that I bought for him in the house.  Not a good idea, because he kept trying to sneak more presents and then threw a tantrum when his parents wouldn’t let him.  Naughty Aunty! LOL

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