Philosophy The Microdelivery Exfoliating Wash

With having sensitive skin, I’ve run in to a lot of exfoliating cleansers that I’ve had terrible reactions to. My go-to cleanser is Cetaphil, which in my opinion is the perfect cleanser for sensitive skin if you’re on a budget. The problem with cetaphil is that they do not have a good exfoliating wash, so I was incorporating sugars or salts to act as a substitute, which was fine but I was ready for a change. After much research I found that so many users of this Philosophy product were beyond satisfied with the results. One of the things that were mentioned in the majority of reviews was that it works great with sensitive skin. I spent $26 on the 8oz bottle. A little more I’d like to spend, but I figure that I won’t be using this product everyday, only when I feel I need deep cleansing. I used it for the first time last night and I absolutely loved it. It was so gentle and the little grains gave a nice scrub without being too harsh. When I got out of the shower and dried my face and applied my night cream it felt so silky. I recommend that everyone try this. Next time you’re in a store that sells philosophy, ask them for a sample. I’m sure you’ll be hooked after trying it once…I know I am!!!!


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