Library of Flowers

I found the most amazing treasure. Library of Flowers!!!! I’ve never heard of this product before but I love it. I found them at a little boutique store not far from my workplace. I was able to smell the “Parfum Crema” in the three scents pictured below. My favorite was the True Vanilla. It is nothing like other Vanilla scents that I’ve come across, it stays true to it’s vanilla scent but the amber and bergamot helps to give it a rich and unique character. After some research online I found that you can purchase this product at Neiman Marcus.  Make sure to stop by and try this product, all of the scents were really pretty, and with the variety that I saw on the NM website I’m sure there’s one to your liking.

Notes-  Top: Bergamot, Middle: Deep Vanilla, Bottom: Amber

Notes-  Top: Cut Greens, Middle: Flowering Lotus, Bottom: Watercress

Notes-  Top: Osmanthus, Middle:  Rice Powder, Bottom: White Orchid

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