My Scary A$$ Nighmare!

Hi guys!  Last night I had the such a scary dream.  I’ve been thinking about it all morning, there was just so much involved in the dream and I felt trapped. I ended up waking at about 4am and could not go back to sleep.  Here’s what I remember:

I remember being in a mall and catching the escalator up, and when I reached the landing Teresa and Joe Giudice were sitting about 10 yards away holding this Pit Bull that was absolutely out of control (This seems funny now, but in the dream it wasn’t).  In a panic I turned to go back down, but there was no escalator going back down, so I tried running down the one going up.  Well you know how hard it is to run in a dream, going down that escalator was impossible.  I heard the dog coming after me and I was thinking “OMG I’m going to die right here!  This dog is going to kill me!”.  Then I willed myself to wake up and was so relieved to be in my room!  I heard my boyfriend go to the bathroom and called him to tell him about my dream and when he can to the doorway it was the fricken mask from the Saw movie staring at me!

Yup, I was still dreaming.  I tried to scream in my dream, but could make noise, so with all my might I screamed and instead of the scream coming out, it was a bunch of moths. They just kept pouring out of my mouth and I suddenly realized that I couldn’t breath. I was trying my hardest to gasp for air but the moths were preventing me. I finally woke up… for real this time and was shaking like crazy. I fell asleep watching Disney channel and didn’t watch anything scary yesterday. I’m trying to understand what would trigger such a long nightmare, especially on that continued to be scary throughout? All I know is that I’ve never experienced that type of nightmare. Sure I’ve had some pretty scary ones, but it was like 3 nightmares in a row, without me waking up between them. Has anyone ever had a nightmare like mine? I’d love to hear about it.


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