My daughter is having a hard time adjusting to her new school :(

My daughter is having such a hard time transitioning from pre-school to Kindergarten.  I thought that by going to pre-school for two years it would be easier, but every morning she cries and at about 6pm last night she was already crying because she knew that today she would have to go to school.  It hurts my heart to see her so unhappy.  I try to distract her from thinking about it by watching Disney Channel,  reading to her, playing games with her and even giving her things to look forward to after school, but nothing can take her mind off of it.  This morning she literally woke up crying.  I put a little stuffed animal in her bag and wrote “I love you” on a tag attached to it.  I hope that it brings a smile to her face when she opens it up.

I think that a big part of the hard adjustment is that for two years she went to a private elementary school where respect and caring for one another was a huge deal.  They taught it in everything.  In the morning when the children arrived the teacher would hug each of them, and during nap time the class would be split where the teacher and teachers aid would literally sit with the children while they fell asleep.  At the end of the day they would, again huge each child to say goodbye.  There was a real “family” feel in that school.  Now she goes to a public elementary where things are really different. She has complained about how the teacher is always yelling and how she gets scared and has to close her ears.  She also says that the boy she sits next to is mean to her and how some of the kids in her class talk back to the teacher and say bad words.  I have no idea how to tell her to deal with all of this. She is such a sweet, caring and friendly little girl and really wants everyone to be happy.  If there is a child that is feeling left out, my daughter will leave a group to befriend that child…. that’s the way she is.  I told her “Just make sure you listen and behave in class.  Be nice to people and stay away from the mean kids.  Your teacher will see what a good girl you are”.   I was so happy when the next day my daughter got this card in her backpack…. It made her feel really good.  Hopefully she will get used to the changes and will someday actually be excited to go to school. 

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