Princess Jasmine Themed Birthday Party

This past weekend we celebrated my niece Kyla’s birthday.  My cousin went with the Princess Jasmine/ Aladdin theme.  All of the kids had a blast.  It took place in the evening so that they were able to watch Aladdin on the lawn.  All of the kids got a magic carpet that they were able to lay out and sit on while watching the movie. 

Pictured above is the beautiful birthday girl in her Jasmine costume. She also provided her other princess gowns for the other girls at the party to borrow.

They did their dinning like royalty on this special table… of course the birthday girl sat head of her court. Above them were Stars and twinkling lights with still shots from the movie.  So Cute!

There was also a little pamper corner where the girls were able to paint their nails, get some glitter tattoos or apply some make-up.

When it was time for the movie all the kids got so excited grabbing the mats and setting up their special spot in front of the screen.

1 thought on “Princess Jasmine Themed Birthday Party

  1. I would have loved this party when I was a little girl! Makes me miss kids birthday parties. My kids are 'too old' for them they tell me 🙂 Great blog. I now know where to come for my girly fix!


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