DIY Photo Ornament & My Christmas Tree

This year I wanted to hang photos as ornaments. After a couple of trials I found that the ornaments were just too small and in order to see the photo you would have to get up pretty close. Instead I decided to make 4×6 frames and display some larger photos by just randomly placing them to sit on the tree branches. I’m really satisfied with the way it came out. I ended up using about 35 photos.

My supplies included:
1 bottle of black acrylic paint $4.50
1 bottle of silver acrylic glitter $5.00
Large Craft Sticks (I bought a box of 300) $7.00
Ornaments for decor (I used glitter snowflakes) 12 for $3 I bought 3 bags for $9.00
I printed my photos at Walgreens and used a code that gave me 40% off.  I paid $4 for my prints.
This project cost me around $30

It was such an easy project. First paint the craft sticks with black paint and after drying for about 15 minutes paint with silver glitter. I then glued the sticks together using hot glue and glued the snowflake to the corner. I used double stick tape to adhere my photos to the back.

2 thoughts on “DIY Photo Ornament & My Christmas Tree

  1. Great idea. I am now following you through the Blog Hop. When my daughter was still an infant & Bjorn bound, I like many other mommies used to do all my chores while holding her in the carrier. One morning, I was doing laundry. I loaded up a full load of whites & closed the washing machine door & went on to my next chore. My daughter was being uncharacteristically quiet, so it started to worry me a little. I went to the nearest mirror to see what it was that she was doing & found her happily nibbling away on a pair of mommy's dirty underwear. I was mortified. Suffice it to say, I always check her hands & mouth after dropping in a load of laundry from that day forward.


  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!! What a great craft Idea for any season, but these frames are GORGEOUS on your Christmas Tree! Mind if we try it out? I will def, link up over to this post as my inspiration for sure. Again, great job!


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