These lying, cheating bast….

So the story goes…In the last month two women that I love very much have been betrayed by the men who put rings on their fingers and pledged their love to them.  The first is my cousin, I actually consider her my younger sister because she practically lived with me that’s how close we are.  Anyway, she was engaged and planning her wedding with her fiancé when just over a month ago she found out that he was having a secret relationship with her best friend.  WTF!  I KNOW RIGHT.  Yup, betrayed not only by her fiancé but girlfriend as well.  I couldn’t even image that going on in my circle of friends.  Um, can you say #girlcode!

The other is my best friend who has been with her husband for 14 years!  He’s been having an affair for the past 3 months.  To make the situation worse they were trying to get pregnant for so long that they had to do in vitro in order to have children.  They were blessed with twins (girl and boy) about a year and a half ago.  Then this asshole decides to gamble away his family by being unfaithful.
Both men denied what they were doing, but thanks to the all reliable social media sites both women got the proof they needed.  So my cousin’s fiancé and best friend, who I thought were the stupidest people on earth for messaging each other on Facebook and taking some lovey dovey pictures only for my cousin to go into his account and find them.  Well apparently they’re not the dumbest because by friends husband had pictures and messages on his own phone.  These Dumb-asses! 
So here’s where I come in.  I personally would be going crazy and acting like a complete nut case if it were happening to me and in all honestly I’m having a hard time talking to these girls because all I want to say is immature shit that involves revenge and maybe even a little violence, but so far I’ve been the good listener, rolling my eyes at the other end, thinking to myself “Hey you wanna borrow Karma for a little while?”  For those of you wondering who the hell Karma is, well she’s my alter-ego and she’s a real Bitch! 

Thank you all for taking the time to read my little vent session about problems that are not mine… but kinda are.


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