Was Beyonce’s Grammy Performance Too Risque for T.V.?

Were you able to catch last nights Grammy’s?  I waited all day for 7pm Hawaii time so that I could watch it!  At 6:58 my adrenaline was pumping awaiting the end of the commercial break for the opening act. I had no idea who it was going to be… Bruno? Taylor? Macklemore?  Britney?  As soon as I saw the silhouette I knew…. OMG BEYONCE!  It was so steamy and sexy and…. awesome.  I love Beyonce and have been a fan for years.  Not only is she a strong, powerful, independent woman who’s built an empire, she’s also a wife and mother.  I love how she is all about empowering woman, some have also referred to her as the “modern day feminist”.  I’ve watched several interviews and concert clips where she exudes kindness and appreciation for her fans.  She’s just a very inspiring role model in my opinion. So I was very shocked when all over the news I was hearing that people were knocking her for her performance.  Are you serious?  Have they watched what is on public television these days? I thought she looked awesome and gave the audience a performance you would expect from Queen B!  It was pretty clear what the performance was going to be like from the beginning, so everyone who felt that it was going to be inappropriate had ample opportunity to turn the channel. But to each their own.  Everyone’s entitled to their own opinion 🙂  What did you think?


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