I need to detach myself from other people’s problems

Do any of you find yourselves in the same situation?  I’m so mentally and emotionally drained by the trials and tribulations of those I love.   There are problems with their relationships, health and even stupid non-sense that friends find themselves dealing with and look to me for advice. I’ve become enmeshed in their problems and  I just can’t seem to emotionally detach myself. As a friend and family member I feel a sense of responsibility to be there for them and to be that distraction and shoulder to cry on.

A friend of mine made a great point while we were talking.  We were talking about how all things happen for a reason and how we grow from all of our experiences, and that by me involving myself too much, I’m not only draining myself but I could be also prolonging what needs to be learned from each situation each of them are going through.  It made a lot of sense, but I’m still sitting here with a hurt heart knowing that the people that I love are experiencing pain at some level. She also mentioned that everyone wants happiness in their lives and at the moment when I look at my relationship, my children, finances and happiness, everything is great.  I really owe it to myself to enjoy the blessings in my life instead of having everyone else’s problems bring me down.  I have no idea how to accomplish detaching myself and yet being there without becoming emotionally affected.  I’d really love some advice from anyone who’s found themselves in my position.

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