Dementia has hit my Grandma

For a while now we have noticed my grandmother repeating herself a lot.  We all had a feeling what was coming, so my mom and her sister bought her vitamins and made sure that she was visiting her doctor.  It’s now come to a point where we are really scared for her.  My mother and aunt tried to talk to her a while back about it but my grandmother became very defensive saying things like “Oh I know I already asked you that, I just didn’t hear your answer” and “Nothings wrong with me, my doctors says I’m fine.”

So this has been going on for about a year and a half and in that time she’s gone from repeating herself, to the point of forgetting who people are.  She’s starting to forget about things a lot quicker, for example we’ll be on our way to the mall down the road and she’ll ask about 4 times within 5 minutes “Where are we going”.  It’s so sad and frustrating.  Of course I’m not frustrated at her, but I’m very much frustrated that this is happening.  I never thought that my grandma would be dealing with this.  She did cross word puzzles everyday, watched Jeopardy every night and got most of the answers correct, and ate very healthy.  Over the past couple of days I’ve become very worried and have been reading up on this disease and how to deal with it as a family member and loved one.

The best advice that I took away from the material that I’ve read so far is to Value, Respect, Support and especially be Patient.  I’ve been praying for her every day and night.  I’m afraid of what the future holds in her situation, but it forces myself and the family to really value our time shared with her.


4 thoughts on “Dementia has hit my Grandma

  1. That is so sad, I'm so sorry! I worked in a long term care facility for a couple of years and I witnessed a lot of families going through what you are going through. This disease is definitely harder on the family memebers then it is on the patient.
    Stay strong and enjoy every moment you have with her!


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