Do you celebrate Valentine’s Day?

I’m not a big fan of Valentine’s Day…. I never was.  First of all it creates pressure to give your loved one something that will be way too overpriced because companies take advantage of upping prices.  I remember the first Valentines day that my other half and I celebrated together.  He bought me a dozen roses and told me that every year he was going to add a dozen to that count.  Well on our second Valentine’s I asked him straight out how much he spent on the 2 dozen roses and when I heard that it was over $300, I felt so bad that he had spent that much.  I told him to never buy me roses on Valentine’s again.  Then there is always the issue of trying to get a reservation in a restaurant that will just be too damn crowded for comfort.  So for years now he and I have agreed to just not succumb to the pressure of V-Day.  I do wish him a Happy Valentine’s Day and let him know that I love him, but as far as feeling pressured to go out and buy a gift or prove our love monetarily…. There’s no need! 

This doesn’t mean I will take the joy of the day away from my kids. In fact I love surprising them with little goodie bags full of treats and sweets. Tomorrow I am planning on putting together some Valentine’s Day baskets for my kids and my nieces while they’re at school. Nothing beats coming home from school and having a special gift waiting!


3 thoughts on “Do you celebrate Valentine’s Day?

  1. One year my husband asked me what my favorite desert was. I told him anything chocolate. He surprised me on Valentine's day with molten chocolate cakes made in ramekin cups. It has been our Valentine's day tradition ever since.


  2. Nope me neither but my men surprised me with roses, cards, candy, dinner and chocolate covered strawberries…guess I'll hit up Walgreens tomorrow for their 1/2 price sale and reciprocate – lol! Thanks for sharing and linking up with us at the #WWDParty – Happy Valentine's Day.


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