Benefit for my Brother-in-Law


On Sunday a benefit was thrown for my brother-in-law Marcus. In November he was diagnosed with stage 4 lymphoma cancer. There is no one that compares to my brother-in-law, he is the nicest, most respectful, optimistic man that I know, and anyone who knows him would agree. I am so happy that my sister (Tasha) has been blessed with a husband that loves her so much and my nieces (Marli & Malika) with a father that lives his life to provide them happiness. Together, they have dealt with this situation amazingly. Whenever I am around them, they are a reminder of how we should all live each day counting our blessing and reminding those who matter most how much we love them.

The day was filled with laughter, dancing and just positive vibes all around. Family and friends were able to come together for a great cause and an extraordinary human being. There were amazing silent auction donations, raffle prizes and so much entertainment including Na Mele Rasta, Kahiau & Justin Young. Here are some video clips and photos.

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