Top 10 Plane Flight Pet Peeves

~People who lean their chair back before the flight takes off and during meal service. Have some consideration for the person behind you as you too realize that space is pretty limited in coach.

~I cannot stand when I can feel the person behind me lifting and putting down their tray tables every 10 minutes. This happened to me once; it was like nails down a chalk board.

~When people let their kids watch movies on their devices without earphones. I understand that this is going to make the flight so much more comfortable for everyone and kids have a hard time with earplugs, but please plan ahead and get some kid size headphones.

 ~People who put their luggage in the wrong overhead compartment. I cannot stand that I pay for a seat and when I get to it my overhead compartment is taken by, whom I later find out is the person about 5 rows behind me. It throws off the whole flow of exiting the plane when I have to retrieve my bag from another part of the plane. I really don’t deserve the rude looks when it was the other idiots fault.

~People who cough or sneeze constantly without covering their mouths. OMG, it totally gave me the creeps. I will literally cover my whole face with my jacked to the point where I get dizzy and am forced to come up for air.

~When people go to the bathroom with no footwear. GROSS! Although it won’t affect me in anyway, it’s still gross to see.

~When couple make out on a flight. UM, Yeah… Please save it.

 ~Those who wear strong perfume or cologne on a flight. Especially when it stinks. As much as I love perfume, I really don’t want to be trapped on a flight with 100 people wearing different scents. Keep it subtle. I myself always shower before a flight. Smelling clean is the key.

~Loud conversations. Ok, because I’m nosy I sometimes enjoy listening to other’s conversations. But when it’s about politics or even their jobs, no one really cares. Besides the person is literally 6 inches away from you…#indoorvoice.

 ~Strangers mistaking my shoulder for their pillow. Sometimes we’re stuck traveling alone sitting next to a complete stranger. I hate when they fall asleep and start getting closer to you and eventually their head starts to move toward your shoulder and you’re forced to put your arm rest up so that they knock their heads on that and wake up. Sorry to disturb your sleep, but you were disturbing my comfort :/


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