My first night in Vegas

Hi everyone!  I woke up pretty early this morning to the realization that I wasn’t in my own bed and then I remembered… I’m in Las Vegas!!!!! Whoop whoop!  I have a few minutes before I’ll be heading out, so I thought I’d write a post about my airplane ride and last night.  The flight here wasn’t very comfortable.  Of course with my luck I get stuck behind the only screaming baby on the fight.  He cried the whole way here.  It was a family of 4- Mom, Dad, a girl around 4 years, a boy around 5 and this screaming 1 year old.  All he wanted was to be held by his mommy but she was feeling sick, oh and I should mention she’s pregnant again.  God bless this woman!

When the flight was finally over we headed to the rental car center to pick up my sweet ride. Lol.  I settled for the VW Passat.  It was raining pretty hard (never experienced rain in LV before) and there were so many accidents.  It took us about 40 minutes to get to our hotel. When we finally got settled we were so hungry so we headed downstairs to eat.

Fast forwarding ahead….  I lost $420 last night.  I had a great time, but needed to steer clear of the machines and tables so we decided to take a stroll down Freemont.  Here’s a little video that I took to pretty much sum up what I experienced.  I never get over how crazy drunk people let themselves get.
Overall I had a fun first night here.  I’m heading out for another awesome day.  I will share with everyone moprephotos and video a little later.

4 thoughts on “My first night in Vegas

  1. How exciting!!!! (not the losing all that money =( … ) I want to visit Vegas, so I think I was have to make the trip next year b/c this next week me and my friend are taking a road trip to Miami !


  2. I couldn't even imagine traveling with my twins on a plane. I don't even like going in the subway with them. lol It sounds like your having a fun trip. Who knows you might win that money back.


  3. I would love to take a road trip with my friends. The thing is… we live in Hawaii, so our road trips usually start and end at the same point of a circle. LOL. Have a great trip to Miami. Sounds so exciting.


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