The Sugar Factory


The Sugar Factory is one of my favorite restaurants, not only on the Las Vegas strip, but overall. I love the atmosphere- loud music, pretty décor and hip staff. It’s located in the Paris Hotel and overlooks Las Vegas Blvd. Depending on where you sit, you may be able to view the water show that the Bellagio puts on.

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On this evening I had to introduce my sister Tasha and friend Taimane, to my favorite cocktail “Lollipop Passion Goblet”. With the melon, coconut and pineapple flavors you have yourself a tropical drink with a bit of fizz. They dress it with a candy necklace and 2 spiral lollipops.  The dry ice they use creates a vapor when the liquid is poured over.  This is such a fun drink. Because these are $35 each I decided to share it with them. We ordered the BBQ pork sliders & fried macaroni and cheese as our appetizers. Taimane had the filet mignon (sorry I didn’t get a pix), Tasha had the club sandwich and I had the Oriental chicken salad. Everything was so yummy. I was so bummed that we were so full because I really wanted to try their “King Kong Sundae”. The couple next to us ordered it and it looked like a diabetics death wish. I really wanted to take a live video of the sundae with the sparklers, but that would have been beyond rude. Instead here is a picture courtesy of the Sugar Factory website


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After dinner we made our way to the retail store. Candy, Candy, Candy galore! I love being surrounded by sweets. I picked up a few things for my daughter and myself. I didn’t think my sons would mind not receiving anything from here heehee

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