Celine Dion at Ceasar’s Palace

The highlight of my Las Vegas trip was going to the Celine Dion concert at Caesar’s Palace.  We were in the 13th row, so we had a great view. There were moments in the show where she was literally 10 feet away from us…. Amazing. At the beginning of the show, they play a video of her world tour and her life leading to her Vegas comeback. There are personal videos of her family and her beautiful children. It was a great way to start the show as it really built up the emotion of the audience. I was literally crying before she even came out on stage. When she finally came on stage… forget it! I was like one of those Michael Jackson fans we used to see on television. You know the one… they totally look like idiots because they lose all control of their emotions and practically faint. Well, now I can honestly say I know how they felt. I was star struck!!!

She has so much energy; she gave a100% through out the entire show. She had me singing along, crying, laughing and even dancing. What a great performer. With the orchestra, her amazing back up singers and the beautiful stage and lighting the show was one that touched so many senses. My favorite song performed was “Overjoyed” featuring a 3D hologram of Stevie Wonder. Her voice is so angelic, that I literally had goose bumps the whole time.

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