Bellagio Fountain Show

My most favorite place to visit is the Observatory at the Bellagio.  Sadly we went at the worst time, because it was under construction for its transition from Chinese New Years to Spring 😦  I still love walking around that hotel though, its so beautiful.  Every time I go there I have to stop at the staircase that my favorite actress (Julia Roberts) walked down in Oceans 11.  The funniest thing is that we were actually there, those many years ago, when they were filming that scene, but we didn’t know about it until a couple of days later. I remember seeing the camera crew and an entire section being blocked off to the public. You could imagine my disappointment knowing that my favorite actress was only a few yards away from me. I hope for the opportunity to meet her someday.

We also watched the fountain show!  It always amazes me how high the water shoots up.  We had the perfect view of the Paris hotel.  It was so romantical!  The song that we heard was “My Heart Will Go On”  by none other than my favorite singer Celine Dion.  I wish I were there now instead of sitting here at work on my down time typing about it LOL.

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