Moroccan Cuisine at Casablanca

Last night I had dinner with the girls at Casablanca.  Love this restaurant! Comfortable couches provide a very intimate ambiance. First we wash our hands by having warm water poured by our waiter.  We then start our meal with the Harrina Soup, followed by Moroccan Salad, then came the B’stilla.  These first 3 courses we shared.  Then we ordered 3 main dishes: Couscous with Chicken, Fresh Salmon Charmoula & Lamb Brochettes. Last we had the Chabbakia with Fresh Mint Tea.  Everything was so good.  Here are some pictures that I took to share with you all.

1 2 3 4 5 6

Before serving us any food we were treated to a hand wash.  I had to laugh because we had all just used hand sanitizer and then the waiter comes along with this fancy schmansy kettle of warm water and poured the water for us.  I’ve never had anyone assist me in washing my hands.  It was a really kinda nice.


We started off with the soup.  This reminded me of minestrone.

w8 9

This platter was perfect!  It was so nice to eat with our hands. Something else that we don’t get to do often.


B’stilla:  By far my favorite! Fillo Dough stuffed with Saffron Chicken & Almonds.  Topped with powdered sugar.


Couscous with Chicken, Fresh Salmon Charmoula & Lamb Brochettes




Our waiter pouring our Mint Tea.  Not found of hot sweet tea, so I added ice to mine.

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