True Reflection Kim Kardashian

I’ve been so curious about this perfume, but could not find a sample anywhere. I found it at Sears for $23 50ml and decided to go ahead and take the chance of buying it without knowing if I’d like it or not (I find myself doing this way too much). Luckily I really like it. It reminds me a lot of a Beyonce fragrance, maybe Heat? Not too sure but it is very familiar. There’s sweetness to this fragrance, but not a “headache” sweetness, sort of a mild chocolate scent. If I had to describe the scent, the best way that I could put it would be a Sweet Orchid. The only thing that bothers me is that it has absolutely no lasting power. I literally have to keep the bottle in my locker at work so that I can continue to reapply. It’s a real bummer when you find a great deal on a perfume that smells nice but then you are forced to buy an atomizer for another $10 in order to keep in your purse so that you can reapply throughout the day. This is a great everyday scent, especially good for the office seeing as how the scent settles very quickly.


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